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Every time he looked toward them he was impressed by the fact they were holding hands.

After the service and remarked, ''You 2 are an inspiration. You even held hands all through the service.'' The wife, with an exasperated look, retorted, ''That's not love, preacher.

And then we're going to move from that on to other verses.

We started a series last week called ''Built to Last: How to Build a Successful Marriage and a Successful Family.'' You know God is very interested in marriage and very interested in family.

Picnics, skating parties, school functions, and church socials are ideal for first dates.I read a statement I have reflected upon many times. by Jesus Culture Resources Guy/girl friendships and relationships are important parts of life.Think about it - they comprise nearly half of the relational opportunities out there, and for most people, a friendship between genders ends up being one of the most significant in their lives.The man playing Jesus became so irritated that he put the..Jeff Strite OPEN: A visiting Revivalist was impressed by an older couple in the church where he was holding Revival.The wife seemed to be half-turned toward her husband holding both his hands in hers.

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