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Larry Geller first learned of the wedding from a supermarket tabloid (Parker really did not like him).

According to Priscilla, the second wedding celebration at Graceland was a lot more fun.

Her ex-husband, musician Danny Keough, is Ben and Riley's father.Riley and Ben's grandmother, Priscilla Presley, was asked it was like to have them at the 75th Birthday event: “I thought, my gosh, if Elvis only knew that he would have such beautiful grandchildren, so supportive to him, and how beautiful they are. He would have been very, very proud, absolutely very proud of his grandchildren.”These three photos were taken when Benjamin, his mom Lisa, and his grandmother Priscilla left a restuarant in London recently.It's too bad the one taken through the car window has so much glare, because he really looks like Elvis in it.This event is pretty far down on the list of Elvis lore, but it is still an interesting story.In her book, “Elvis and Me,” Priscilla Presley devotes a few pages to the special wedding party she and Elvis hosted in Memphis four weeks after they were wed in Las Vegas.

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To earn this nice chunk of change, Benjamin will make up to five albums. He says he spoke with Benjamin at the Inspiration Awards for Women in London to get the scoop.

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