Windows sidebar rss feed not updating dating for shy men

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Windows sidebar rss feed not updating

Clicking on the Favorites button displays a box that has three tabs: Favorites, Feeds, and History.You can also pin the sidebar permanently to IE by clicking on the dock icon in the upper right of the bar. Internet Explorer 7 and 8 arrive with a few feeds from Microsoft included.The Common Feed List allows for automatic read marking, so simply opening the feed to read the new content and then closing the browser or tab will mark the new feed items as read.Figure D shows the newly added feed with a bold title.In late 2006, when Office 2007 was launched, Microsoft also announced that Outlook 2007 would be able to connect to the Common Feed List.In Outlook, the CFL is accessed from the Mail Folders pane on the sidebar.Microsoft also has another way of accessing the Common Feed List.

(Figure B) Once you click "Subscribe to this Feed", Internet Explorer will ask you where you want to save it.However, Outlook has the ability to import feeds from the CFL, and will do so automatically with new feeds.Outlook also behaves differently when your primary account is an Exchange account.(Figure C) Once you have saved one or more feeds to the CFL, Internet Explorer will display those feeds in the aforementioned sidebar.Feeds with new content will have a title in bold; folders containing feeds with new content will also be bolded.

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