Why can t i connect to adultchatpad 100 percent free adult xxx couple dating

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Why can t i connect to adultchatpad

If you have the password but are still having trouble, tap the name of the network that you can't join and tap Forget This Network on the screen that opens.

Now go back to the Wi-Fi settings screen and select the network, enter the password and tap Join.

A young lady in the EE shop pointed me in the direction of a samsung repair centre but I thought it worth trying to see if anyone else knows of a fix before I go as its rather out of the way for me.

When I got the phone I put the sim in and it worked untill just before christmas when one day is suddenly stopped working, a few hours later I suddenly connected to the network again and then it stopped again a couple of calls later.

I tried having a mess around with it and for whatever reason the phone will no connect to the network, when I search for available networks it comes up with the usual ones (Orange, Vodafone, T-mobile UK etc etc) however it A) doesn't show EE which I thought it should and B) won't connect to Orange, it just says unable to connect to network please try again or something along those lines.

Hey guys I'll apologise in advance if I'm posting this in completely the wrong place but I'm getting nowhere!!

In about August I ended my mobile contract as I had been given a company phone which I can use unlimited for free.

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