Who is matt dallas dating 2016

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Who is matt dallas dating 2016

The couple, who married in 2013, go through the awkward moments of dressing in the same outfit to figuring out which one of them is going to sign the 'mother' line on a medical consent form.The video wraps up with Dallas and Hamilton trying to decide who's going to take the first spot in Crow's last name.star Matt Dallas is married to his longtime partner musician Blue Hamilton! Hamilton did the same, except he cheekily wrote: "Introducing Mr. Hamilton."Post courthouse snap, the actor also shared an adorable photo of the two of them in front of a whimsically spray-painted brick wall with the message: "Thank you everyone for all love. #grateful #marriedvibes #mattandblue." Hamilton, again, did the same and wrote: "We love you all this much! #mattandblue #lovewagon"See more: Kids Share Their Thoughts on Same-Sex Marriage on Even more adorable, Hamilton posted a video of Dallas reading some well-wishes from fans congratulating them on their marriage.The former ABC Family actor announced the happy news on Instagram with a picture of him and his now husband standing outside the courthouse holding their marriage license."Introducing Mr. One sweet note that Dallas reads says, "My husband and I were together for 32 years before we were able to marry, that wait was worth it." Naturally, he says "that's pretty awesome" following that message.Next, another message said: "Matthew, congratulations to you and Blue, welcome to the club!Best of luck to you both."To sum off the super-cute video, he wrote: "Coffee and messages from so many amazing people like @abraham518 @GG631 .

But again their relationship could not last a lifetime. She might have had some on and off relationships after that but it has not been declared officially.

The actress is enjoying her blissful 20s and who the hell would possibly want to take the huge burdens of marriage on their shoulders.

When Prout was dating Dallas back then, people had to say that they were couple made in heaven and they would sure end up getting married. The actress is single right now and in her recent interview, she somewhat gave a small sneak peak to what kind of person she would like to date.

Both of them had many similarities including their personal interest and profession. She did not share much but she did mention about her longing will to find a person to share a life with.

Also not to forget, they even had the same horoscope Libra. Similar profession, interests, hobbies and same horoscope would not alone contribute for a relationship to last long. But again who are we to declare who is perfect for her and who is not. From the small talk with her, it was quite easy to infer that she might be kind of choosy but not a perfectionist.

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