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After he settled down, he returned to Belle's side and promised to be there for her and her new baby.

Sadly, things weren't working out for the young couple and they came to understand that neither of them were really happy in the marriage. Soon, he returned, now unrecognizable thanks to the reconstructive surgery done to his face after it was seared by severe burns in Afghanistan.

When Chloe Lane came back to Salem without Brady, there was still sexual tension between her and Philip, but this was temporary and they both agreed to be just friends - without the benefits.

Philip soon became involved in a shipping war with the new John Black, and tension between the two increased, while Paul Hollingsworth got caught in the middle, playing John against Philip.

He gave her a receptionist job at Titan, which lasted briefly.

While Stephanie and Philip's relationship started heating up, a jealous Melanie tried to use the project as leverage to get Philip's attention.

Philip still clung to hope and joined forces with EJ Wells to track them down.

He immersed himself in business at Titan as the CEO under Victor's scrutiny.His father, Victor, tried to look after him and brought Claire to visit him on a regular basis.Victor bribed a judge to grant his son legal custody of the little girl, a move which would push Shawn and Belle to take Claire and go on the run.Philip and Morgan continued on with their rocky relationship, but Morgan ended things and left to Chicago for a job.Philip continued running Titan, and took on Stephanie Johnson as an intern.

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Things got nasty again though when she accused him (falsely) of rape.