Who is gary allan dating now 2016

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Angela and I moved to Tennessee from California in 2003.We had everybody together, six kids in the house—her three and my three [then aged 9 to 15]—and my ex lived just a few blocks away. There was always chaos because we had so many kids, but it was a blast.On October 24, 2004, Allan’s wife Angela committed suicide.The tragedy devastated Allan, who briefly suspended his music career in the wake of the event.“It was scary,” says his close friend and songwriting partner Odie Blackmon, “seeing him go through it and knowing that the music was some kind of therapy.But I’m glad he did it.” With his recently released greatest hits album topping the country chart, Allan, 39, is currently recording new music and, as he tells CINDY DAMPIER, still trying to make sense of a tragedy he never saw coming. She was a flight attendant, and she was riding home to Dallas. I was going to wait for this big moment and then couldn’t.

But restructuring at the label prevented him from being signed. In an incredible act of fortune, he left a demo tape in a car that was then sold to a wealthy couple.The title track, reminiscent of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game”, only made it to #12, but it sold him more records than his previous two top ten hits combined.As the album powered its way to platinum, radio finally embraced Allan, as the final single from the set, “Right Where I Need to Be”, became his first top five hit.They enjoyed the tape so much that they gave him ,000, which he then used to make professional demos in Nashville.Soon, there was interest from several major labels, but Decca offered him a contract first, so he signed with them.

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It's a sexy, but sad song with a universal theme.“It’s just one of those songs you know that when you break up with somebody or it doesn’t work out with somebody and you’re constantly wondering if they ever think about you or they wish it was you," he says.