Who is dating who in figure skating

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Ziegler, 23, and Kiefer, 27, have never medaled in the Olympic Games.

When they aren’t ice skating, the duo enjoys exploring new places and spending time with their beagle puppy.

Lauriault, 21, and Le Gac, 22, ended up getting married in 2015. She obtained her French citizenship this past December 2017.

(I can barely even type that without feeling dizzy.) Now, the young skater is making his way to Pyeong Chang in South Korea for the Olympics, and he thinks he has a "pretty high chance" at winning gold.

We’re working together, working towards the same things.

When you’re doing that with someone that you love, it really is so much more meaningful,” Chock said in a media teleconference.

Figure skaters who ice skate or ice dance in pairs have long been fooling the world with their undeniable chemistry.

Each time these athletic couples take the ice, just about everyone finds themselves wondering if they are dating or in love.

Champion since 1966 after winning the 2017 National title.Here are the figure skating pairs competing in the 2018 Winter Olympics who are in romantic relationships: Chock and Bates have been ice skating partners for years, but they only started dating about a year ago.“I’ve always had great chemistry with [Bates]. Skating together is something that we love doing, and we love doing it together.Now, we’re together on and off the ice and it makes it even more powerful. It makes training so much more fun and it brings us closer together every day.Chock previously dated fellow figure skater, Deividas Stagniunas.Alexa Scimeca Knierim and Chris Knierim aren’t exactly dating — they are married.

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In many cases, you’d be surprised to learn that there are several pairs (such as former Olympians Meryl Davis and her partner Charlie White), who aren’t romantically linked off the ice.