Webcam chat warning mass dating

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Webcam chat warning

There should be an option to save (or print) a copy of the transcript at the top left of the chat window.

You could then go on to save as you normally would in your own computer (check your ‘downloads’ folder if you cannot find the saved chat – this seems to be the default location).

Virtual Assistant is an automated triage service for webchat.

Using text inputted by you, Virtual Assistant will either present you with appropriate on-line guidance or transfer you through to chat with an adviser on web chat.

Web chat is currently up and running for tax credit help, Monday to Friday 8 -10 pm and Saturday 8 – 8pm and Sunday 8 – 4pm – longer opening hours than the telephone helpline.

There is another opportunity to save (or print) when you are exiting the chat and are presented with the post chat survey.

You could also take a screenshot of the online chat if necessary.

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Effective 09/01/17, we are no longer supporting Glide for Windows phones. Glide is a live video messaging app that combines the convenience of texting with the expressiveness of video.

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