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Benefits of deploying Active Directory in a NOS management role include: Special Considerations for Branch Office Deployments Microsoft has identified a number of special considerations for deploying Active Directory in branch office environments.

The characteristics of a branch office environment include: as needed.

These roles range from managing Windows networks to supporting directory-enabled e-commerce applications.

However, the way you intend to use Active Directory will affect the way that you make important design and deployment decisions.

This includes architects, project managers, system integrators, and consultants.

Because Active Directory is best deployed as a corporate-wide infrastructure, the design team will likely involve many people in your organization.

Special Considerations for Exchange 2000 Deployments This guide will help you to design an Active Directory deployment that could host Exchange 2000.

This approach shortens planning cycles by: The Scope of this Document While the guidelines presented in this document are appropriate for almost all NOS management deployments, they have been tested and validated specifically for environments containing: How to Use This Guide Each phase of the design process, such as creating a forest design, will include its own process flowchart and list of tasks that must be performed.

These guides encapsulate planning and deployment expertise from Microsoft's product team with lessons learned from customers who have already designed and deployed Active Directory in their organizations.

Active Directory Deployment Scenarios Unlike special-purpose directories, Active Directory can play a variety of roles within an organization.

It provides a best practice approach to designing Active Directory that combines business and technical guidance to minimize the time and effort required to implement Active Directory in your organization.

It contains worksheets throughout this document that will assist you in recording your design.

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To help shorten planning cycles and ensure successful deployments Microsoft is publishing a series of scenario-based guides that provide prescriptive, task-based, and solution-oriented guidance. These guides provide a structured approach to designing and deploying Active Directory.

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