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There are variations between implementations of the regular expression syntax, but most adhere to similar rules. You can find it in your Visual Studio documentation or on-line at tips on the SQLCLR have shown how to create a SQLCLR project, Writing to an operating system file using the SQL Server SQLCLR, or to compile a .

If it all works, you can continously monitor your address list to ensure email addresses continue to be valid - Some mail servers may return a positive response even if the mailbox doesn’t exist.

Regular expressions are expressions in a mini-language specific to searching text strings. There are also libraries of regular expressions that can be found. For validating e-mails I've chosen an expression from the MSDN .

They are perfectly suited to the task of validating e-mail addresses. Net documentation in an example that shows how to validate e-mail addresses.

While I could have improved the T-SQL in my function validating e-mail addresses, which requires a lot of string handling, T-SQL isn't the best technology for this problem. Net code handles better then T-SQL a SQLCLR scalar function can be a great solution.

When introduced in SQL Server 2005, the SQLCLR allows stored procedures, functions, triggers, user-defined types and user-defined aggregates to be written in C#, VB. I showed how to write a SQLCLR stored procedure in the tip Writing to an operating system file using the SQL Server SQLCLR.

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Another important point to consider is that do you need to be performing this?

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