Validating a password protection system chealse handler dating

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Validating a password protection system

Applications should enforce password complexity rules to discourage easy to guess passwords.Password mechanisms should allow virtually any character the user can type to be part of their password, including the space character.Authentication in the context of web applications is commonly performed by submitting a user name or ID and one or more items of private information that only a given user should know.Session Management is a process by which a server maintains the state of an entity interacting with it.Failure to utilize TLS or other strong transport for authenticated pages after login enables an attacker to view the unencrypted session ID and compromise the user's authenticated session.

Function Validate Password(By Val pwd As String, Optional By Val min Length As Integer = 8, Optional By Val num Upper As Integer = 2, Optional By Val num Lower As Integer = 2, Optional By Val num Numbers As Integer = 2, Optional By Val num Special As Integer = 2) As Boolean ' Replace [A-Z] with \p, to allow for Unicode uppercase letters. Some applications should use a second factor to check whether a user may perform sensitive operations.For more information see the Transaction Authorization Cheat Sheet.Passwords should, obviously, be case sensitive in order to increase their complexity.Occasionally, we find systems where passwords aren't case sensitive, frequently due to legacy system issues like old mainframes that didn't have case sensitive passwords.

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Please see Password Storage Cheat Sheet for details on this feature.

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