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Still, pointed me to a Mal Waldron record I missed. Substantial progress on the Jazz Guide(s) last week.I finished going through the gigantic Jazz 00's file, and started working back through a scratch file of Streamnotes reviews, including the year-and-a-half's worth written since I started compiling the book(s).I then need to go back and pick up things I missed, mostly because I've continued to write new reviews since I started compiling in August 2016, but also because there's some fringe stuff I wanted to include but it's filed elsewhere in the database (e.g., Latin, African, rock).Once I've done all that -- end of February is a possibility but not a lock -- I'm not sure what happens next.I'm sure it would take a massive further effort to edit it into a worthwhile book -- maybe more than I can ever do (especially given that I don't have a lot of time to work with). I certainly didn't expect to be stuck at this stage for eighteen months, but that's the size of it.A side effect of working on the Jazz Guide(s) is that I started checking out old jazz records.

Only one recent reissue/compilation, too, sort of a consolation prize as the new Youssou N'Dour bootleg Christgau recommended in the same post proved too elusive for my hacking talents (or, rather, beyond my patience).

First one was the Italian group Scoolptures, in my database but with nothing I'd heard, so seemed like a good idea to give them a try.

After that I found it easier to think of old records to check out than new ones, and they sort of took over the week.

I'll probably make a PDF available and issue an RFC (request for comments).

I need to look into tools for converting Libre Writer files into E-book format(s).

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Maybe it, too, will someday show up unbidden in my post.