Updating sources list

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Updating sources list

More applications can be installed as on any Debian system.

Only applications that are packaged for Debian can be installed.

To know if an application is packaged for Debian, and to find the name of the corresponding software packages, you can search for it in the Debian package directory.

Since Tails is amnesic, any additional software package needs to be reinstalled in each working session.

So a with stable value can push your server to Debian 8. SO PLEASE EDIT THE VALUE OF stable TO wheezy WHEN COPYING THE to your server.

Tails includes a coherent but limited set of applications.

ATTENTION: Debian 8 (codename Jessie) was release on the 25th of April 2015. The sources generator hasn't moved Wheezy to oldstable.

By default, Termux has only few packages installed so you need additional packages.

Execute in terminal to install must have tools: Many programs require additional software to work.

Priorities (P) assigned in the APT preferences file must be positive ornegative integers.

The Raspbian repository is the entire set of Raspbian packages organized in a special on-line directory tree which can be used to install thousands of additional software packages on your Raspberry Pi.

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You can create some yourself simply by using termux-apt-repo from the command line and Github as hosting.