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Which rounds out the three top competitors for fitness-focused smart watches in the mid-range market.In the case of the Vivoactive 3, Garmin sent over a loaner to check out.From cycling to running on both surfaces, and even a bit of swimming tossed in.All while doing so in the busiest travel season of the year. For half that time I wore the Fitbit Ionic on the other wrist, before then switching in the last three weeks to wearing the Apple Watch Series 3 LTE concurrently (other wrist).Daters are slowly moving away from the “disposable” dating culture that doesn’t value personal contributions and are quietly embracing a more meaningful approach to romance.Travel Dates Our matchmakers predict most of 2017’s dates will be Instagram-worthy.

Selectivity Singles are getting choosier about who they choose to spend time with.

Following elections during 18, all northern states (of the Italian peninsula), except Venetia, which was still part of Austria, joined the Kingdom of Sardinia.

Italian nationalist revolutionary hero and leader in the struggle for Italian unification and independence.

While it initially looked as if the independence and unity of Italy was a realistic possibility, the Austrians defeated the Piedmontese and Charles Albert had to abdicate.

His son, Victor Emmanuel II, succeeded him in 1849.

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It’s been about 6 weeks since Garmin first announced the new Vivoactive 3 GPS watch.