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Updating ms access

Most executables cannot do that and the way to solve the issue is usually to pass the control to another boostrap programme, close the main application and let the bootstrap programme re-open the main application again. One that would not require shipping external dependencies.

Download the sample database below, copy the parameter, the database will also be compacted during the restart process.

(Using a different back-end is another, but more long-term option that is unfortunately currently not acceptable.) Most users will be read-only, but there will be a few (currently one or two) users that have to be able to do changes (while the read-only users are also using the DB).

We're not so much concerned about the security aspects, but more about some of the following issues: I find the answers to this question to be problematic, confusing and incomplete, so I'll make an effort to do better. Edited Record is how you set the default record locking for WRITES.

In general, as long as you're using a Jet/ACE data store, the best security you're going to get is that provided by Jet ULS.

It's crackable, yes, but your users would be committing a firable offense by breaking it, so it might be sufficient.

The only moment we can be pretty sure that the database is effectively closed is when the lock file is deleted by MS Access.

The batch file is hard-wired in the This allows us to easily construct the path to either the database or the lock file at line 07 and 09.

The main idea is that the MS Access database application has to be self-sufficient and restart itself by performing these steps: The key point here is that the batch file cannot just reopen the database right away: if the application is big or if it’s compacting on close for instance, it may take several seconds to actually close.

The write users would log on as some other username (transparently, in the shortcut you provide them for launching the app, supplying no password), and that would be used to set up the forms as read or write.

If you use Jet ULS, it can become really hairy to get it right.

In my previous article about changing the MS Access colour scheme I had the need to allow the user to restart the database after the colour scheme was changed.

(Article and Code Updated 13FEB2009.)Being able to cleanly restart and compact the application is also useful in other instances: The problem is that you cannot -to the best of my knowledge- close and open again the same database from within MS Access itself.

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The other thing of note is that we now use a counter to keep track of the number of times we checked the existence of the lock file.

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