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Existing settings for password handling are therefore ignored in the SAP MI and there is no password management.

In the initial logon, which must be performed online, the user data of the logon ticket is used to create a user in the SAP MI Client Component. Users start the SAP MI on their mobile device as a service that runs in the background without a user interface.

In this scenario, users only need to enter the user and password for this system when they log onto the system issuing the ticket.

Authentication on the SAP MI uses the SAP logon ticket only.

It is stored in coded form on the mobile device, and not in plain text.

A second password, called the synchronization password, is used for synchronization with the SAP MI Server Component .

The user ID and the synchronization password are transferred to the server and verified there. Synchronization Password Handling Option are: The synchronization option Timed Sync is not possible in combination with the setting at Sync.A user name and password must be created in the SAP MI Client Component before a user can use a SAP logon ticket.Tools for User Administration ¡ Batch users for replication ¡ Batch users for role comparison ¡ RFC users for connections to the backend systems (if you do not want to use the current logon user to connect to the backend system, see Communications Destinations.The data, however, can only be synchronized successfully if there are equivalent values for the user ID and the synchronization password for the SAP MI Client Component on the SAP MI Server Component.Users can change both passwords with the SAP MI Client Component, see Passwords in the SAP MI.

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The user starts the SAP MI Client Component on the mobile device.