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Updating browser displays

This method also provides Share Point (SP) Site membership, but that is not as useful as if it provided SP group membership, which it does not.

I will be focusing only on the AD group memberships for this write-up.

Fig 2 – Full GCM Repeating Table Structure with Sample Data In my opinion, certain fields are not useful to us due to either not having data or not having data that is useful for determining User Roles.

I will delete the columns named Fig 3 – Partial GCM Table with Relevant Columns Only If you ever plan to use this method for displaying a user’s list of group memberships, you may want to only show the Distribution List records.

Fig 6 – Data Structure Next, we need to create our layout on the canvas (Fig 7).Fig 7 – Form Layout After that, we need to assign our initial values that will play a part in the security of our form.For this exercise, we will use two Group Check Fields.Imagine the other ways you could leverage this by restricting individual controls, whole sections, or even entire views, which is very powerful!This entry was posted on July 19, 2009 at PM and is filed under Info Path 2007, MOSS 2007.

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In your case, you’ll want to add a field for each group that you want to define for your User Roles and set its default value accordingly: I’ll start with Share Point Tester being logged in (Fig 9) who will open a new browser form (Fig 10).

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