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This made the dining and living rooms feel like they were covered in sunshine so we carried the color down the hall and into the foyer.

Great for us, but with 20/20 hindsight, maybe we should have gone with something a little more neutral to make it appeal to more buyers on the back end.

We kept our eyes open for sales at the big box stores and scoured the bargain racks at Wal-Mart, buying what we knew we would need down the road.

Going bit-by-bit as we did is a great way to avoid a serious dent in the checkbook.

You don't feel the pinch as much if you buy things bit by bit.Besides, doing it that way made paying for our home update project a lot less daunting. Here is a brief account of how we changed our split-level house since we first moved in.I originally wrote it to journal what we did along the way but now that it's finished, hopefully it will give you a few ideas of your own.TV is full of ways to update a house inexpensively.What they don't explain: How to get motivated to do the work.

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A scalloped soffit, '70s-era wallpaper, wood paneling, and peeling linoleum dated the space.