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Unprotected web cameras

"Basic geographic information is available for almost all devices on Shodan, including webcams," wrote Matherly."Note that the granularity of the physical location is extremely rough: it can tell you in which city/country it is located but it isn't possible to pinpoint the exact physical location." However, each webcam screenshot is paired with a map, and in rural areas where there are fewer houses, it doesn't seem like it would be hard to find an actual location.

The lists are given away for free, so as to market the software."Change that, because that's the gate-keeper to everything that connects to your home network." Chuvakin agreed: "Don't use standard passwords that come with the router." Right now, nothing is forcing device makers to improve built-in security, which ought to change, said experts.For example, the FTC could mandate that webcam makers ship cameras that require users to set their own login credentials, rather than allowing default usernames and passwords to be applied."When you think about the real-world risks, you have to reach pretty far to find something that would be genuinely bad," said Anton Chuvakin, security and risk management researcher at Gartner.He noted that while it may be possible to find the neighborhood in which a webcam is located, it is very unlikely that the Internet Protocol address could reveal an actual house.

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Recently, the company added freeze-framed images from those webcams, making browsing through people's public and private lives as easy as clicking through a Netflix catalog. The site has been used for, among other things, studying the popularity of HBO Go on Roku and producing a global map of industrial control systems, Matherly said.

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