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Universe dating ru

After all, you need a special environment in order to produce a researcher who has the skills to conduct his or her own future work independently and one with a well developed scientific view of the world.This environment has to be flexible, responsive, and capable of sensitively reacting to changes.Research in this area began at the institute in the early 1980s under the leadership of Yakov Zeldovich, one of the creators of relativistic astrophysics.This is a new area of science in which the theory of general relativity is applied to astrophysical objects.We already have examples of our close partnership with the school.We won a grant to invite a foreign researcher to the school thanks to the HSE Teaching Excellence Initiative, and we organised a lecture series by University of Warwick Professor Valery Nakariakov.Since the division first started within the Space Research Institute, the Russian Academy of Sciences, along with Russian and international partners, have carried out a number of astrophysics-centred projects to study the universe.This includes the Roentgen Orbital Observatory on MIR, the Granat Observatory, and the Integral Observatory.

Other projects include the RTT150 Russian-Turkish 1.5-m Telescope, which is used to provide on-the-ground support to space projects in the field of high-energy astrophysics (INTEGRAL ‘There is one more prospective field that we are planning to develop – space navigation and ballistics,’ adds Lev Zelenyi, who is the Director of the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Head of the Joint Department of Space Physics.This is the main academic institute for the study and use of outer space.The Space Research Institute was founded in 1965 and currently conducts experimental and theoretical scientific work in fields such as astrophysics, the physics of planets and small bodies in the solar system, solar physics and the physics of solar-terrestrial connections, cosmic plasma, and nonlinear geophysics.It also has to factor in the interests of both students and scientific organisations.This is precisely the atmosphere we are going to create with HSE.

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‘We are happy with the way our relationship is unfolding with HSE.

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