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There are “hollaback” websites for different cities where women are encouraged to post stories and cellphone pictures of their harassers (“if you can’t slap ’em, snap ’em! I do not run that often anymore, but I used to carry pepper spray. my mom always makes sure i have my Road ID and cellphone before I leave the house to go for a run. Such important points…I’m normally a trusting, welcoming person, but I’ve really gotten to be more and more cautious. I’ve ran away a few times (men at night alone in random places) and yeah, I probably looked crazy but I don’t regret it! I’m always trying to watch my surroundings and look for trouble.You never know what kind of creepers are out there! Good for you for listening to your gut and sharing the message with your readers – it’s so important to stay safe!I think that mace and pepper spray are technically legal in Canada, but you have to say that its intended for use against animals only. Then they stopped to ask directions and I shouted them out and just kept going. I work in law enforcement and I see the worst of the worst. I usually trust myself to know what’s good for me but just like Jenny above, I find myself saying yes too much to my own taste…Posting stories like this on the internet is a GREAT idea. I deliberately passed my house because I had a really strange gut feeling. At first I thought I was jaded and bitter but in reality, my gut has just become even more fine-tuned. Reply I’m really glad nothing happened…I was nervous reading this story! I’ve been watching the same tv shows as you & I’ve learned that it’s better to possibly hurt someone’s feelings (or look crazy) than risk it.I quickly swung into a clothing store and walked halfway in and then turned around to see if the guy came in.He was lurking around the front of the store for several minutes. Luckily my hubby was with me or I would have had security walk me to my car. I often forget to take precautions when I head out for a run, but things can get scary really fast and in the little bit of time it takes to grab ID etc, makes all the difference. I got myself in a similar situation two years ago- the voice in my head kept telling me that the man was making me uncomfortable, that I should leave…Definitely will be thinking of getting something to carry, so I can’t wait for that post… I’ve seriously been worried and thinking about it since yesterday when i saw your tweets about it! Reply Yah, the level of bear spray you can get here they said is good for humans, so so for animals… I save my more scenic runs for my long runs during the days on the weekends.

Something similar happened to me a couple of weeks ago on my regular morning run–a really creepy guy on a bike kept riding around me, slowing down and gawping.Then he’d ride ahead, get off the bike, and expose himself to me. The thing is, I was scared afterwards but I was mostly angry at having to deal with such nonsense, just because I’m a woman. I found a really cool bear spray that has a little handle thing on it, so I just put it on my hand when i’m walking/running – or I just put it in my pocket… That is scary and the situation just has too many creep=factors to think that it could have been innocent. I’m glad you are safe and that you called the police about it – who knows, your actions could have saved someone else who didn’t know to listen to their gut. So glad you did the right thing in this situation and that you are alright!I reported it and such, but I’m running elsewhere from now on, where there are more people around. glad you are safe and sound though, that guy sounds like a creaper. I always run my shorter (early morning) runs just around the neighbourhood and they never last more than an hour.I’m so glad you’re ok Reply It may have seemed innocent in retrospect but too many women have been attacked not to have concern. they should just try to ignore whoever it is as much as possible. anyway, I stopped and told them the situation and asked to use their phone to call my husband — and the guy drove away, thankfully. One time, I was going to a workout class and the parking was really bad.You definitely did the right thing and what a great reminder about the fact that we put so much effort into fueling and challenging our bodies for health and that also includes keeping it safe from others harm. I would definitely say if anyone out there runs into an experience they consider uncomfortable . I even once stopped by someone’s house where there was a family outside sitting around . I found a spot but it was far away from the building and I thought twice about parking there and decided to circle around and wait for someone to leave before I parked.

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I passed him by, but my panic started to kick in, so I turned and went back to the road with more people. You definitely did the right thing in the end though. The weirdest thing that happened to me was I was walking to my job at a busy stadium.