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Trebizond dating

The recent discovery of a 4,000 year-old underground city in Turkey is more evidence to the magnitude of the great empire from the past.

Believed to belong to the Komnenian Dynasty, the underground city was discovered in a tunnel in Ortahisar district by construction workers digging for a project directed by Trabzon Municipality and the Housing Development Administration of Turkey.

Historically, Trabzon was a strategic and commercially important port.

It was one of the few ports on the Anatolian Black Sea.

Trabzon was previously called Trebizond which was the English name for the Greek Trapezous ( The classical town of Trabzon was protected by ravines on its eastern and western sides and on the northern side by a cliff overlooking a foreshore.

The site is trapezoid in form with the narrow side at the southern end; here there are no natural defences and a strong wall was built to close off the town from the rest of the neck of land (Bryer and Winfield 1985).

The lost city was unearthed during urban transformation works in Turkey's northern Trabzon province.

The Byzantine Empire had a vastly significant cultural legacy, both on the Greek Orthodox Church and on the revival of Greco-Roman classical studies, which influenced the Renaissance.

In the case of Epiros, these concern particular historical periods within the thirteenth century and the patronage of specific rulers.If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file.The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.after 1313) emerges from this study as the most important period of building activity in Arta and Epiros due to intensified royal and aristocratic patronage.The revision of dates proposed for Trebizond significantly affects the picture of the thirteenth-century city as it is known to us from previous studies and the architectural patronage under the Grand Komnenoi. Eugenios were probably rebuilt by 1291, and that the construction of Hagia Sophia could also be placed in the last quarter of the thirteenth century.

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Likewise, Theodora’s contribution in the remodeling of her future burial place, the church of Hagia Theodora, is not self-evident and requires additional documentation.