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Tijuana girls for dating

If you see them doing something f*cked up..keep walking and don't say anything. Mexico is a poor country and things happen in poor countries.6) If you do partake of the "local talent"..sure you only go to established places and not too far off the beaten path.If you get a cab driver that speaks English well...he'll help you out.Stay off the street as much as possible the fact that the police look for inexperienced travelers over there. If you get caught with a gun or drugs you go to prison over there.Yes , go enjoy that beautiful vagina , buy a few souvaneers and get back over here. I use to dive off the coast there, we prefered to be further south [better people and less corruption for the motst part]; make sure you have a VALID passport. Don't stay in Tijuana, stay on our side [its safer], when I was diving we would come into US waters, just to be safe and we were diving with sharks, lol.It's a bad idea to take a rental car into Mexico and even w/ collision insurance, you can still have headaches.2) Watch out for the cops.While things are better than when I used to go, I understand that they are still d*cks. Most of the people near the border do..the farther you get from border, the less English is spoken.4) Keep all your money in front pockets along w/ your passport (you should bring it) and your ID.5) Dress down and don't wear a nice watch or jewelry.I was thinking about going to tijuana for a couple of days, just wanted to hear from people who've been there (especially guys), that have been there...................................................................................................................... They'll be lined up outside the border control area.

...much to spend a night or two at the hotels there? .....catch cab in the streets or do you have to go to a station/dispatch office? San Ysidro is right across the border and there are a number of good motels around there.

It's a great idea to speak Spanish, if you don't you will learn or should be able to find people who do to some degree, you might not understand them very well.

Make sure to keep an eye out for pickpockets and for corruption, a decent number of the cops aren't as they appeare.

Some of the dudes over there ( shoe shine guys -street hustlers etc) will hit you in the back of the head if they're not making any money.

You'll see some very beautiful women over there and probably even have sex with a few.

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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... Depending on traffic from LAX it's 2 1/2 to 3 hours to the border.

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