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It's not often that the first episode of a series captivates me enough to be on board for the long haul but ONN did.

It's lightning fast pace and sharp, biting jokes grab you from minute one and they don't let up for a moment. The rest of the season can't get here quick enough.

He’d be like a teddy ruxpin, but instead of emitting a delightful series of preprogrammed phrases, he’ll rule all of humanity as an undying, emotionless god.” An attending scientist commented, “I envision a future that is like the sequels to the Matrix: dark, disappointing and almost unwatchable.” The demonstration was one of the most popular at the Auto Expo as adults, youths, and children of all ages laughed and clapped along with ASIMO, unwittingly staring into the same unfeeling glass eyes that will one day gaze upon them with absolute omnipotence, judging those who live and those who die according to an algorithm created by a young Japanese man who likes watching anime cartoons of girls getting violated by giant tentacles and then dating those tentacles.

I’d like to thank all the people who have left comments on here offering me encouragement, advice, and mega-bargains on Cialis and Rogaine. The crowd at the 2007 Auto Expo in Hiroshima, Japan, clapped politely as they watched simple tricks and exercises being performed by a prototype of the robot that will one day rule all of humanity with unfeeling ruthlessness.

But did you know they also perform a socially beneficial function that even the already-beautiful can use? You can use them as a form of public transportation.

Here’s How It Works: I originally stole the idea for this blog from another guy’s blog of the same name.

Said one spectator, “I thought the robot was just great.

I look forward to huddling naked in a cave along with the last remnants of humankind as its relentless hunter-killer droids track us down.” Another spectator said, “I wanna get one.

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DID YOU KNOW — Seoul’s mobile plastic surgery advertisements have seats inside them, and you can use them to ride from place to place?