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Telerik radajaxpanel not updating

NET AJAX, making your code easier to maintain and read.Next, you don't have to manually think through how Triggers should be defined on your Update Panels.This worked to a point, but if you wanted to also ajaxify controls on Master Pages, you were stuck with two Rad Ajax Managers that wanted to control the same rendered page.To solve the problem, you could put a Rad Ajax Manager on your Master Page, but then all settings in your Content Pages and User Controls had to be made programmatically- a laborious and code-cluttering requirement. NET AJAX, Microsoft introduced the Script Manager control.With a reference to our primary Manager, we can quickly set the On Request Start and On Response End event names (just simple strings). Now what happens when an ajax event defined in our Master Page fires?It travels through our new Java Script event handlers in our User Control. We only want controls ajaxified by our Proxy to get handled by our new Java Script event handlers.This control must be present on any page that uses ASP.

Instead, you need to work a little Java Script magic to provide custom client-side event handlers for your primary Rad Ajax Manager that handy "Get Current" method that makes it very easy to get a reference to our primary Rad Ajax Manager from any position in our application (on a Content Page, User Control, etc.).Is there any way to "route" ajax events triggered in our User Control to one set of Java Script event handlers and ignore other ajax events? Since there can only be one active set of Java Script functions that handle Rad Ajax Manager client-side events, we have to manually provide support for "routing" events to the proper Java Script functions.We can do this by inspecting the passed to the On Request Start Java Script function.See of my embedded Google Presentation (below) to see this layout illustrated.By utilizing the Rad Ajax Manager and Rad Ajax Proxy controls, you greatly simplify your ASP. First, you don't have to clutter your markup with the Update Panels normally required by ASP.

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Clicking on a link in the grid row will open a popup form that allows the data to be edited, clicking update will update the underlying data table and update the grid using AJAX.