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Lord D’s family ran a successful restaurant for a number of years; Lord D himself launched a national food magazine in his day, his sister is a caterer, and her son cooks with the passion of Mario Batali. While I could have served a simple meal for Master J, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to test recipes on this group, so I expanded the menu to include other period dishes which have already appeared on this blog, and two others from the First Class menu on Titanic. Cooking, with all of the modern conveniences we have today, is still a manual process.Note to aspiring cooks: testing recipes on family helps you perfect techniques before you invite the boss over for dinner. However, as I started to complain about aches and pains, I kept reminding myself about the high standards the Edwardians put on cooks with far less equipment. It can be stressful enough planning an informal gathering, but we can thank the Edwardians for setting the bar pretty high for formal dining, when we work particularly hard to impress.We can see from the dining scenes on We entertained my husband’s family yesterday in celebration of Master J’s 21st birthday.The big issue people have is that the people who are doing it and have popularized it are white.

If someone perpetuates a Ugandan or even just African stereotype because honestly that's what it is because while Africa is an entire continent, westerners throw it in one box, it adds to the horrible way Uganda is portrayed by the media and how people from African countries are treated by predominantly white countries.

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And one last argument for the meme: Uganda has so much more to worry about than a meme. It can't be minimalized by the opinions of a couple people. To assume that because a few people from Uganda were okay with the meme debunks decades of westerners mistreating this country and viewing people with dark skin as unhuman or low intelligence or tribal even is proof of ignorance.

And while sure, it's a movie reference, it's really not a matter of who or where it's from but rather how it's being depicted and why it's become so popular.

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As a White person and can't say whether or not something is racist or whether or not other people find it racist or offensive because I don't speak for them.

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