Stop ubuntu updating thunderbird ninja ai dating sim

Posted by / 22-May-2017 19:21

Obviously I checked if these settings were somehow changed. It should leave messages on the server indeed, but I don't use no max message size or fetch headers only options.

The original settings are what they used to be and how they have always worked.

Over the years I have adapted my morning work flow, to do my updates as soon as I log on in the morning.

The problem seems to appear after a while (mostly a few hours, or overnight).

It just stops downloading the messages from my account.

And I'm pretty sure the 2 I listed above are the same 2 that are checked. In other words, if you hadn't put that hold on last October, all would be checked for upgrade now.

Holding that one main package is a band-aide that worked last October but simply not 100% effective with meta packages that may eventually update.

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The thing is: everything works normal if I start up TB.

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