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Whats App Business is available today and free to download on Google Play in Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, the U. This feature is rolling out for users around the world on the latest versions of i Phone, Android, Windows Phone as well as desktop.

Both you and the message recipient must be using the latest version of Whats App for the message to be successfully deleted.

Sub Show Progress() Const x As Long = 150000 Dim i&, PB$ For i = 1 To x Do Events Update Progress i, x Next i Application.

Status Bar = "" End Sub 'Show Progress Sub Update Progress(icurr As Long, imax As Long, Optional istyle As Integer = 3) Dim PB$ PB = Format(icurr / imax, "00 %") If istyle = 1 Then ' text dots Solution posted by @eykanal may not be the best in case you have huge amount of data to deal with as the enabling the status bar would slow down the code execution.

Status Bar = False Here's another example using the Status Bar as a progress bar.By using some Unicode Characters, you can mimic a progress bar. Just select one according to how much space you want to show between the bars.You can set the length of the bar by changing NUM_BARS.However, most people end up creating individual forms for each of their macros.I used the Do Events function and a modeless form to use a single form for all your macros.

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' Class Module - Progress Bar Option Explicit Private status Bar State As Boolean Private enable Events State As Boolean Private screen Updating State As Boolean Private Const NUM_BARS As Integer = 50 Private Const MAX_LENGTH As Integer = 255 Private BAR_CHAR As String Private SPACE_CHAR As String Private Sub Class_Initialize() ' Save the state of the variables to change status Bar State = Application. Enable Events = False End Sub Private Sub Class_Terminate() ' Restore settings Application. Screen Updating = screen Updating State Application. Status Bar = False End Sub Public Sub Update(By Val Value As Long, _ Optional By Val Max Value As Long= 0, _ Optional By Val Status As String = "", _ Optional By Val Display Percent As Boolean = True) ' Value : 0 to 100 (if no max is set) ' Value : 0 Then Value = Worksheet Function. Width = 0 End Sub Sub Progress Bar Demo() Dim int Index As Integer Dim sng Percent As Single Dim int Max As Integer '============================================== '====== Bar Length Calculation Start ========== '-----------------------------------------------' ' This section is where you can use your own ' ' variables to increase bar length.

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