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Justin was standing off to the side and I asked him to come to dinner with us and he was very happy to do so. The four of us arrive at a local restaurant and Justin sits next to me.We realize both women are a bit intoxicated and while one cried, the other discussed fungus.It turned out the girl was actually a guy, apparently he still got asked if my friend would like to come in.I was basically all prepped to go on a date with this girl and I was really looking forward to it.

Another time, I was at a restaurant with some guy and I ordered. We were at pre-drinks and my flatmate spent the whole of pres talking to her.

Then on the day of the date she pied me off, saying she had a boyfriend.

I asked if she still fancied it but she wasn’t keen.

I don’t have loads of stories myself, but my friends have loads.

One guy I know was a 40-year-old virgin and he went speed dating.

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After the night he even walked my mum to her hotel and asked if she would be up for breakfast the next morning.

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