Speed dating glasgow arta

Posted by / 21-Feb-2018 21:46

Speed dating glasgow arta

I have to say I found the Edinburgh one to be good from a contact point of view but that I found myself struggling to approach any women when the night came round in my own city.

The first one being in Edinburgh and one which was in home city of Glasgow.

View Venue A stylish, relaxed bar and restaurant situated in a lovely part of the city making it a very popular choice for young professionals.

You can definitely come along yourself but it’s always good to have some back-up if you have some single friends who are free that night.

There’s usually one a month in Glasgow and as they are free and you get a free drink too, you can’t really argue with that, even if you don’t meet the love of your life that evening!

I decided, though, that I would take the plunge and go for it once more and all in all it turned out to be a decent night.

It was my first visit to The Merchant in Glasgow so if nothing else it would be another venue in Glasgow I could tick off on my to visit list.

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Arta is one of the most popular bars frequented by stylish professionals wanting to be seen somewhere with that extra touch of class.