Sophos standalone not updating

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Sophos standalone not updating

I have therefore taken his script and enhanced it so that it works for both the free home edition and also the paid-for official SAV9 standalone installer.Update - SAV 9.2.x now stores the auto-update credentials outside the Sophos installer application in a separate folder.This means I had to modify my script to copy both the installer application and this folder, I did this by putting both the Sophos installer and their settings folder inside another folder.This folder (of both items) gets copied to the client Mac and my scripts looks inside the folder and then inside the Sophos installer to find and run the Sophos commandline tool to do the actual installation.So at this point the only official options were to buy a Windows Server just so you could run Sophos Enterprise Console, something that would have cost a fortune even if you run it in a virtual machine as you not only would have to buy Windows Server but also all the Client Access Licenses for all your Macs, or you would have to go round each and every Mac client and manually run the standalone installer application with the huge administrative overhead this entails and the often frequent difficulty to get access to machines.Clearly this had moved Sophos from being by far the most friendly Mac solution thanks to SUM, to being actually worse than most since at least Mc Afee with their e PO system use standard Apple installer packages.Sophos do provide a standalone installer for SAV9 which will automatically if needed uninstall SAV8 and replace it with SAV9, and this installer can be pre-configured with the credentials needed to get updates directly from Sophos' servers.

SUM does not support SAV9 and so far Sophos have shown no interest in providing an updated version.

In more recent times Sophos have failed to update SUM and officially it only runs on OS X 10.7 (Lion) or older, it did however continue to be able to distribute updates for Sophos Anti-Virus 8 for Macs even if client Macs were running Mountain Lion.

However not only does SAV8 not officially support running on OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) SAV8 is also due to be discontinued in April 2014.

I raised this issue in some user forums including here

id=9785 and also pursued this matter directly with another contact I had at Sophos.

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However the client installer used with Sophos Cloud for Mac is still the same custom application and not a standard Apple installer package, as such it still cannot be deployed using standard Mac administration tools.

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