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Leonardo da Vinci began making studies in 1504 for a painting, apparently never executed, of Leda seated on the ground with her children.

Bristol Museum and Art Gallery currently exhibits Karl Weschke's Leda and the Swan, painted in 1986.The damage has been repaired, though full restoration to the original condition was not possible.Both the Leonardo and Michelangelo paintings also disappeared when in the collection of the French Royal Family, and are believed to have been destroyed by more moralistic widows or successors of their owners.), Leda and the Swan became again a popular motif in the later 19th and 20th centuries, with many Symbolist and Expressionist treatments.The earliest depictions were all in the more private medium of the old master print, and mostly from Venice.They were often based on the extremely brief account in the Metamorphoses of Ovid (who does not imply a rape), though Lorenzo de' Medici had both a Roman sarcophagus and an antique carved gem of the subject, both with reclining Ledas.

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