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For Aristotle, the emotions are not represented as constituting a separate agency or module, but they had even greater importance, particularly in the moral life, our capacity for which Aristotle regarded as largely a result of learning to feel the right emotions in the right circumstances.

They are what make life worth living, or sometimes ending.

For Spinoza, emotions are not lodged in a separate body in conflict with the soul, since soul and body are aspects of a single reality; but emotions, as affections of the soul, make the difference between the best and the worst lives, as they either increase the soul's power to act, or diminish that power.

In other models, emotions as a category are apt to be sucked into either of two other faculties of mind.

Some treat emotion as one of many separate faculties.

For Plato in the , there seems to have been three basic components of the human mind: the reasoning, the desiring, and the emotive parts.

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Kenny, reviving some medieval theories of intentionality, urged that emotions should be viewed as intentional states.