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The district court has jurisdiction over misdemeanors, from arraignment to sentencing and handles preliminary examinations in felony matters. The address of the 35th Circuit Court is: Shiawassee County Courthouse208 N.

We’ve heard this “values” language before, but even for Michigan, this particular fight seems like something from ages ago.

Nowadays, it’s becoming increasingly common, even in more conservative areas of the country, if not entirely without controversy.

But what about when it’s controversial it gets the teacher behind it fired?

They just didn’t want to open that can of worms in a school full of conservative religious students.

But even though that was a mere eight years ago, it seems eons away today, when there is so much press given to the difficult high school experiences of queer teens and their need for supportive groups like diversity clubs or GSAs.

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What’s even more hopeful is that maybe Johnson’s case will set a legal standard that will help to reverse Michigan’s extremely reactionary LGBT rights record, and move things toward ensuring real protection for not just a pro-LGBT diversity club, but also for actual out LGBT teachers like Johnson.