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The problem with England's system, Paine argues, is that there's nothing (i.e.

a constitution) that draws a line in the sand and tells the government "thus far shalt thou go, and no farther."Paine concludes by writing that preserving a constitution is equally important to creating one, and that the only way to do the former is to ensure that it cannot be altered by the legislature or the crown (or any other executive branch).

Rather, they began life anew in established neighborhoods of color: Harlem, West Baltimore and in New Orleans, Treme.

The people who came in the wake of 1965 had taken the reins of community representation.

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Instead, Paine advocates that changes to the constitution should be made only if "a clear majority of all the inhabitants shall so direct."Paine implies that only by placing clear limits on governmental powers can a society hope to maintain it's liberty.

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