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Sex chat with kinect

The little characters in the game will show happiness when they have done well (jumping up, or doing flips, or sliding belly down on the ice) or look sad when they have failed a task.

such as swinging a baseball bat, or hitting a golf ball. The menu navigation, though, is easy and the game may require a wide range of movements, from ducking to jumping (in basketball, particularly) to moving from side to side.

In most respects, the actual movements used in the six sports represented here are emulated to a simpler degree.

In the hockey game players will check the opposing player off the puck by skating in at the right angle and performing the right moves.

These 3-D images allow for much more detailed analysis after the fact, without needing to disturb the physical artifacts, and could even enable more insight into the mind of the person who created them long ago.

Calit2 has a solution perfect for this too: Star CAVE, which is an immersive 3-D virtual reality system.

You could maybe look for a hip to waist ratio, but that would be super sketchy and the skeleton you get given isn't proportional anyway so you'd have to do some computer vision fudging, but at least the skeleton would tell you approximately where to look... If you can get them to speak, differentiating voices might work.

is a sports simulation game that requires the Kinect sensor to play.

The game itself features six sports, each with a mini-game and two skill-specific games (for example, in basketball, there is a shoot-out competition and a shot-blocking competition). There is some mild cartoon violence in elements of the game -- such as in hockey where players will body-check opponents off the puck and send them flying.

" / is based on scoring the most points in the individual skill challenges, or beating your opponent in the multiplayer setting.

Thus far the Calit Kinect hack uses an overhead video tracking device to do this, which limits it for indoor use–a tweak is already planned to let it work in an outdoors settings, however, and its inventor thinks it could even be used to scan whole buildings (at which point Google, with its penchant for doing this inaccurately for its Street View system, may get interested).

At the Jordanian site, the idea is to use the hacked Kinect to quickly record any found artifacts almost as soon as they emerge from the turf.

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University of California, San Diego students will be going to Jordan soon to take part in an archaeological dig that’s decidely futuristic: As they uncover artifacts and structures in the soil, they’ll be using high-quality 3-D scanning to record accurate positional details–rich data that could be incredibly useful in the future.

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