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These children are unable to speak in certain social situations where there is a demand to speak, such as at school, at dance class, at soccer practice, or at the corner store.

In other situations, these same children may speak openly with others and may even be considered a “chatterbox”.

Sometimes, medication plays a role in successful treatment.

Behavioural therapy should be the first choice of treatment, but some kids might benefit from a medication called a SSRI (or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor).

Students must get at least a percentile of 24% in both math and reading on this test in order to qualify to take the Selective Enrollment Entrance Exam…and much, much higher if they want to succeed in the admissions process.

With its adoption by over 40 states, the Common Core has become a defacto national assessment standard.

If you think that your child might have selective mutism talk to your family doctor or pediatrician to make sure that there are no developmental issues (e.g., hearing or speech delays).

The child learns that if s/he keeps quiet that others will talk for her.

For children with selective mutism, this scenario happens multiple times per day.

CPS is requiring that all students take the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test if they want to apply to a Selective Enrollment High School.

This test is much harder than the tests that it replaces — the ISAT, Terra Nova, Stanford or Iowa.

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The next step is to ask your doctor to refer you to a psychologist or psychiatrist who will help confirm a diagnosis of selective mutism by specifically looking at where your child is verbal and non-verbal as well as evaluating for any other mental health diagnoses that may be present (e.g., other anxiety disorders.) The main treatment for selective mutism is behavior therapy.

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