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Sdn dating in medical school

I know some time has passed between my last entry and this one.It's because instead of coming back after China, I went on to play in Europe.The end result: I don't feel pressured to give him attention every day, but we still have a few days every month that we can devote to "date night".After one full year, our worst fears have been alleviated.Posted by: Karisa | Jul 25, 2006 PM i think there is something inherent in medical education that makes it harder to keep a relationship healthy and that is the extreme demand on time.

But I know the compromises won't stop here; clerkships, followed by the incredible time demands of internship, residency, and beyond. We had been together 4 years when I started school, and my significant other made the 3,000 mile move with me so we could stay together.

)In my fiance's opinion, it's the very nature of the medical student that makes relationships such a difficult puzzle.

He would use a single word to characterize just about any medical student: "uncompromising." After all, those who "compromise" easily would've never survived college (with a healthy GPA), MCATs, endless personal statement rewrites, and cross-country interviews.

Knowing that moving wasn't a professional option for him, I instead chose a medical school close by.

In turn, he traded in his 5-minute bike commute for a 70-minute drive every day.

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