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Sarai, who has not spoken to Martinez for two months, can seem naive at best; woefully unquestioning at worst.

Within days of their romance blossoming, Martinez was spotted dining with Lost star Michelle Rodriguez and in a lingering embrace with actress Penelope Cruz. Although everyone claimed innocence, it was curious behaviour for a man who had just embarked on a relationship with Sarai after separating from his long-term girlfriend.

Martinez was constantly at her side, and at the time vowed: 'I'm so proud of Kylie, and will always be by her side.

I love her so much.'However Sarai insists she did not come between Kylie and Martinez.

It was a very natural, casual thing – not a big deal at all.'By the beginning of December, Sarai had obviously felt enough of a connection with Martinez to break off her five-month relationship with her boyfriend.

'But Olivier wasn't the cause of the split,' she insists.

It is easy to see why 41-year-old Martinez should have fallen for Sarai, who has appeared in an episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Since then, 25-year-old Givati has maintained a dignified silence – but now she has finally decided to speak out to defend herself from blame.

Martinez was seen wrapping his scarf around her neck as they toured the Musee D'Orsay art museum.

They pressed their heads together as they left the building, and were spotted laughing together as they walked through Paris.

Their relationship became sexual – although she prefers the term 'romantic' – in the last week of January, just days before Kylie and Martinez announced their split.

The timing suggests there may have been an overlap – 'but I don't think there was', says Sarai.

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She pads about in a raspberry-coloured dress, exuding a bohemian glamour that's a far cry from Kylie's more reined-in persona. 'Olivier and I are very similar We live in the moment and make no plans, and I think that's why we got on so well.

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