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Russian datingspace

I want the best friend in all the way, a friend that I can share my dreams and thoughts with.Excuse for that that I do not write in detail about the family.A friend that can give new directions to my life when I need that.I try to find a man to spend my life with him - in good and in bad times.

To me now 26 years, and my birthday on May, 12, 1976.But I as understand, you required for the beginning a simple history about me directly that we have got acquainted on closer.When I went in Internet - cafe I hoped to see your letter on my mail, and I was very happy, having seen your answer.I very much like walks on fresh air, I very much love the nature.That is all about mee in this time If you want, you can ask about me else.

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also as i told you i have been living in usa for one year.