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Romantic ideas for dating couples

Include background music with some of your favorite songs. You may want to go out of town for a trip—and it doesn't have to be just for the weekend.Read these ideas from our readers about getaways they've enjoyed.In case you were wondering and have not heard the subtle whispering in your ear from your significant other or seen the obnoxiously large plush teddy bears in your local grocery store, Valentine's Day is right around the corner.You need to get a move on planning something romantic ASAP.Then repeat your wedding vows out loud to one another and ask God to bless your marriage. About a month before your anniversary, send your spouse on a scavenger hunt.Put together clues or riddles that lead to items that you've placed around town.Because seriously, whoever invented those chocolates with the gross cherry liquor in the center clearly knew nothing.I can't remember the exact year, but I do remember the place.

(Be sure to also make arrangements for any needed child care.) 8.

A friend who did this says, "Now every afternoon from about 5-6 we sit on the porch and enjoy coffee together. Remember to bring some of your favorite music, plus a camera or phone.

While on your picnic, take a picture of the two of you.

Then look through your album of wedding pictures, or watch your wedding video if you have one.

End the day with a romantic dinner at home, along with a prayer asking God to help you truly love your spouse (Galatians -23, 1 Corinthians 13). While dining at a romantic restaurant for your anniversary, slip your spouse a handwritten love note.

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Or watch an online tutorial about painting with watercolors or oils.