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The Annual Saving Innocence Gala is this week and like many Galas, it’s going to be a glamorous, star-studded affair.But there is something different about this one that stands out from the rest.What advice would you give to young girls about being wise in dating? Always meet at a public place until you become comfortable with the person and, like my mom always tells me, make sure you carry your own money in case you need to make a quick getaway.

w=243" data-large-file=" w=580" srcset=", w=122 122w, Educating society on the prevalence of sex trafficking is important to me (and hopefully everyone) because its one of the most cruel, and awful form of slavery currently still exists today. I love to dance My favorite film is Purple Rain, I love Prince! To save a young girl’s life, you’re invited to attend the Gala too. Taking away a child’s right to simply being a child and forced and brainwashed into heinous sexual acts is heart breaking. Every year I try to mix it up as there are a lot of people, places and causes that need saving, but I chose Saving Innocence because it actually helps underage girls right here in Los Angeles where I live. I don’t know what I’ll be rockin yet 😉 300,000 american born children are bought and sold in the US every year.There are a lot of Charities that focus on other countries, and those are great, but there’s something about helping out the girls that live in my own city that makes it more real to me. I’ve donated and attended a few of their events, but this is the first year I’m involved in their big Gala. Thousands of those are in LA and OC County due to our population, borders, poverty, diversity and entertainment industry.

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Kim Biddle, the Founder has made groundbreaking moves by getting in the trenches in the quest to end sex slavery.