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Mostly hipster schools (NYU, RISD, Wesleyan), brain trusts (MIT, Johns Hopkins, University of Chicago), and rich kid academies (Tufts, Colby, Holyoke), Right Stuff Dating offers dating connections among like-minded intellectuals.Right Stuff claims to be a “civilized, manageable, and affordable” way to get introduced to smart singles. Anniversary Gift Offer Gift 7 to 15: For any member renewing before September 30: two extra months added to your membership. Gentlemen, it will be interesting to have your comments and ideas. At least at the beginning, it should always be split.” 2. You can renew your membership for regular and recent grad or student.

Once you shell out the to order the longer profile, you’ll have the option of sending them an email or private message. The first rule is one that all dating sites should put in place–members of Right Stuff Dating are required to reply to all communications sent by other members.

This is also why you are asked not to talk about other members with people who aren’t part of Right Stuff Dating. This is an exclusive dating service that treats its members information with discretion.

The final rule to remember is that you are in charge of activating and deactivating your account. The members here tend to be Very private, highly intelligent, and single, which is more than you can say about members of other dating sites.

Though their list of universities is still a “work in progress”, the list of acceptable schools is pretty long as it is. The normal membership fee is a flat .00 charge for every 6 months of membership.

To join Right Stuff Dating, you’ll have to provide proof of your graduate or faculty status from one of the following universities: Right Stuff Dating wants to add international universities to the list, and suggests that people who want to join from foreign schools send an email to the site administrator for approval. If you can prove that you are a full-time graduate student or undergraduate, you can pay a discounted fee of .00, so really only faculty pays the full rate.


Because of legal issues, members joining from Georgia, North Carolina, Oregon, Washington, Texas, Florida, and Canada don’t pay the membership fee.