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Research for dating

In our discussion, it is important to review relevant literature regarding technology, use of social media and relationships, communication and online dating in general.Firstly, we will discuss the original theories regarding Ft F communication as outlined in URT.Sheldon (2009) will show that interaction on Facebook offers a wealth of information regarding how we deal with uncertainty within a network where we tend to know most of the individuals in person, or have at least met them on one occasion.Also, Sheldon will demonstrate that individuals in SNS use specific cues and elements of interaction alongside strategies of URT to predict their behavior.

Before diving into the online dating context, it is relevant to review how communication and URT applies within the realm of SNS’s like Facebook where users know each other.This will allow us to get comprehensive background information.Next, it is important to have a basic understanding of how CMC developed and the early schools of thought that analyzed this interaction (Parks, 1996).As the internet has expanded heavily in the last ten years, so have online products and services that utilize communication on a mass scale.As more users are using the internet, CMC is popular within the context of Social Networking Sites (SNS).

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