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Reginald veljohnson and james avery dating

While they may be true, focusing almost exclusively on the professional side of things makes it harder to invest in the characters, and they end up feeling driven by the plot as opposed to vice versa.

Each team member has a distinctive personality, but rarely is it revealed why they're that way or what makes them tick.Unfortunately, everyone interviewed tells a different story. Sex, Lies, and Larvae () (Originally aired December 22, 2008) A corpse is found in the middle of the desert, and only the larvae infesting it can help in solving the case.Meanwhile, a priceless work of art has gone missing. I-15 Murders () (Originally aired January 12, 2001) A serial killer leaves a note confessing to the murders of five women in various supermarkets.While it technically has an ensemble cast, "CSI" puts the character of Gil Grissom (William Petersen) a bit more into focus than the others.Gil has a genuine passion for science and uses this to discern forensic evidence.

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