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Then he found a FDA-licensed lab near his hometown of Atlanta that was willing to run a small order of pills combining the various supplements with the 0 he had saved up over the year.While supplements are legal and many people swear by their effects, the evidence around their benefits are murky and US poison-control centers have recieved 275,000 reports of people who reacted badly to them over the last two decades.

Like confiscating upon death, requiring your kids to turn them in or become felons.

Kicking down doors and removing firearms is so last century — why put state employees in danger when they can force law abiding citizens to do all the work?

Myth #2: Guns don’t kill people—people kill people.

As a star swimmer in high school, Kozlovski had taken all kinds of natural supplements.

So he started compiling a list of all the natural supplements said to boost cognitive performance.

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Instead of shutting down stores, Dollar General is opening hundreds of more locations.