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Most of the islands close by are only served by boat.

The whole coastline is punctuated by a great number of gorgeous bays and deserted beaches lined by palm trees.

The trees are bend to the ground to ensure easier picking of the flowers. Nosy Be’s landscape is varied and it is characterized by a great many hills that are overlooked by Mount Lokone (450m) and Mount Passot (350).

From these high vantage points, you have an exceptional view onto Nosy Be Bay, but also on the (north).

Scenting ylang ylang, coffee, cacao, vanilla and sugar cane plantations spread all over the island distil a balmy fragrance that will delight your sense of smell.

The yellow Ylang Ylang flower is one of the products used in the production of perfume essence.

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Though Nosy Be’s clear inclination towards mass tourism, it is yet a largely sleepy place with sugar cane plantations, rum distilleries, ylang ylang bushes, lounging lemurs, and little air of expectation.