Problems dating police officers

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I've seen things I'd never describe to Liz that are seared in my brain.

At first I was thrilled — finally, I thought, we could have a normal life! True, he's off the streets, and that's reassuring, but his days are even longer now than they used to be! "When the kids were younger he used to help with child care and housework, but now? I'm exhausted trying to keep everyone happy — and then Nick has the nerve to order me around like I'm a new recruit.But when you factor in the extra burdens of a physically dangerous job and erratic work schedules, a marriage can easily collapse from the stress.Not surprisingly, studies suggest that the divorce rate for police officers is higher than average, and their wives often complain that 'the department' controls their lives.Oh, and guess who takes the car to the shop when the engine conks out? Nick and I were so in love that we finished each other's sentences.Nick's older brother is also a cop, and my sister-in-law always says, 'This is just what it's like.' Well, maybe that works for her but it doesn't cut it for me. I met him when I was a freshman at a local community college and he was in his final year at the Police Academy.

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