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Pinoy male sex chat mates

I am a married white male looking for adventures outside of normal activities. So for you to assume all males that list themselves as bi are not because they choose not to meet with another male one on one, that just shows how ignorant you are. Did not do anything else till a couple weeks ago when I hooked up with the guy who first sucked mine and me his. Prior to these I had watched male male porn, I had fucked myself with toys; but have not tried that with a guy yet; and found I would always try to take a peek at other guys cocks when ever I could.hello am a 41 yr old married male wanting to explore my bi-curiuos feelings.

Can meet almost anytime, prefer no hotel rooms or video houses. Strong conservative male, with high profile job so discretion is a must. have had a male to male mutual jo partner but never done anything else.

I would like to be educated and taught the ropes of love with both male and females but definatly a male.

I am looking to give my first real oral to another male.

He knew how to please us both, sucking man until he came, then eating her pussy until she screamed.

After he pleased us, we both went down on him, trading his cock between us, then his balls until he came in our mouths (we traded cum between us, then gave a little back to him.

Love into male to male on very same bed with other females watch us into wild steam sex and do the same other way. would like to meet bi-curious --bi-male to explore this side of me.

He's tall with blue eyes and is skinny, almost pure lean muscle. Overall, we're looking for a girl around our age to be friends with benefits.5 ft [email protected] slim blond, dress too please myself and others, very sub when dressed like to be used.

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It's even better, however, when the video we are all watching features the two of of and our friends.

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